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Welcome Managers of Volunteers

Managing volunteers is often an invisible role in nonprofit organizations, or it is a small part of someone's overall responsibilities. In recent years, volunteer managers have begun to assert themselves, gaining the attention and respect of agency directors and other department heads.

The field of volunteer management includes the most obvious functions of recruiting, matching, and managing individuals who contribute to the work of a nonprofit at every level - from clerical and housekeeping functions to leadership roles at the board level.

Often, today, managers of volunteers run projects and programs; they support their program with technology; they manage risk and develop policies and procedures.

Increasingly, managers of volunteers, whether paid or unpaid, are becoming leaders in their agency and in their communities. As more agencies calculate the value of volunteer time, they recognize that they could not operate without the commitment of their volunteer force.

Professional Development Resources

Over the past 25 years the profession of managing volunteers has gathered steam. Realizing that the skills and knowledge of managers of volunteers are similar, if not the same, as other professionals, practitioners and academics began a systematic process of creating competencies for managers of volunteers.

Starting with a fundamental Code of Ethics, the Council for the Certification of Volunteer Administration has developed sets of competencies that include ethics, advocacy, human resources, operations, and leadership.

Many who are experienced in the field and who are considered experts by their peers have spearheaded a movement that includes many options for self-study and support from peer networks.

The menu on the right is your link to resources and peer connections designed to advance your professional development in the field of volunteer management. Keep in mind that new opportunities are emerging all the time and it may be wise to check this page every quarter.