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1. What is Service Enterprise?

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The Bottom Line

A Service Enterprise is an organization that doesn’t just engage volunteers, but operates with a culture of volunteerism that enables it to fundamentally leverage volunteers and their skills to achieve its social mission. These high-performing organizations have deeply integrated volunteers into their strategic plan and day-to-day operations, thereby allowing them to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness in providing services to fulfill their mission.

A Service Enterprise Hub leads cohort(s) of organizations through a prescribed training and coaching process to build their capacity to operate in this way.

The goal of the Service Enterprise Initiative is to strengthen the capacity of organizations to strategically and effectively engage volunteers to address community needs.


Increase Your Capacity and Impact with Skilled Volunteers

Ultimately, becoming a Service Enterprise  organization will give you the ability to look at internal staff capacity in a new way and leverage skilled volunteers to expand that capacity to achieve your mission. 

A nationally certified Service Enterprise  organization typically benefits from:

check mark Outperforming similar organizations on all measures of organizational capacity

check mark Increased human resource capacity with limited additional expense

check mark Significant increase in volunteer hours contributed annually

check mark  Retooled operations that intentionally use skilled volunteers

check mark  Community needs better addressed through organizational growth

check mark  Ability to take programs to scale

The Maine Commission for Community Service and Service Enterprise Trainers help organizations realize these benefits through assessment, training, and coaching.


Click here to watch this short introductory video on Service Enterprise in Maine:

Service Enterprise in Maine







Upcoming Service Enterprise Trainings

Service Enterprise Train the Trainer

The Maine Commission, the statewide Service Enterprise Hub, is hosting an in-person Service Enterprise Train the Trainer in September 2019. Your agency can have one or more staff members become a certified trainers.  The Commission is covering the $10,000 of the cost of the training so you benefit at virtually no cost beyond the time it takes to learn.

An initial 90 minute webinar will be held at 10am on  September 10th, followed by a 2-day in-person training on September 16th and 17th in Augusta.  To register for the Train-the-Trainer orientation, please complete a brief survey HERE.

MidCoast Cohort

The Commission is also organizing an upcoming Service Enterprise agency training series in the Midcoast region. Each session will be hosted at alternating participating agencies. Contact Michael Ashmore for more information.

The cohort to be held in the Midcoast Region has yet to have specific dates agreed upon, but will occur in Fall of 2019.



Interested in Service Enterprise certification?

Your nonprofit can access innovative training and consulting support to become a Service Enterprise  and achieve results similar to those outlined above.  Through a multi-month engagement with a local Service Enterprise Hub  or the Maine Commission for Community Service, your nonprofit organization will move through a change management process that will result in more effectively leveraging the time and talents of volunteers and lead to greater impact.

 Your organization will receive:

check mark A thorough assessment of your existing organizational capacity and volunteer engagement practices

check mark Up to 16 hours of training to assist in re-tooling the roles and ways in which your organization engages volunteers

check mark Individualized consulting to address unique organizational opportunities and challenges

check mark National certification signifying your organization's commitment to ensuring that the time and talent of volunteers are appropriately leveraged to meet the social mission of your organization


Ready to get started?

For more information about how you can become a Service Enterprise  or receive a national certification for Service Enterprise , contact:

In Penobscot County:  
Shirar Patterson, United Way of Eastern Maine, (207) 941-2800
Morgan Connolly, United Way of Eastern Maine, (207) 941-2800

In Franklin County:
Lisa Laflin, United Way of TriValley Area, (207) 778-5048 

In York County: 
Jason Ketterick, United Way of York County, (207) 965-3359
Michelle Surdoval, York Community Service Association, (207) 351-8234

For all other counties in Maine: 
Maryalice Crofton, Maine Commission for Community Service, (207) 624-7792
Michael Ashmore, Maine Commission for Community Service, (207) 624-7792
Pam Zeutenhorst, Envision Prosperity, (207) 356-0073
Anne Schink, ABS Consulting,  (207) 799-3312