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9/11/2012: Remember and Serve

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It took 10 years of effort by My Good Deed, a nonprofit founded by family members and friends of 9/11 victims, first responders, and onsite volunteers.

Now September 11 is a National Day of Remembrance and Service.

And "I Will..." is the national service project My Good Deed created to unite people in paying tribute to those who died and those who rose in service on September 11, 2001.

Learn about the "I Will" Tribute Movement

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Why Maine is joining "I Will"

The "I Will" campaign gives us all a chance to pay tribute to those remembered on 9/11 by performing a "good deed," a personal act of service, an act of "neighboring."

Neighboring is the informal volunteering we do to help out in the community. It is the food we bring to a sick neighbor, the community drive to refurnish a family whose house burned, and the citizen who keeps an eye on seasonal camps for their owners during the winter.

Neighboring complements formal volunteering. Both connect residents to each other, make communities stronger, and foster mutual respect and responsibility.

In rural, underserved and under resourced communities throughout Maine, neighboring and formal volunteering flourish side-by-side, tackling critical local issues.

How To Participate

>> Decide what good deed you will do as a volunteer.  Register your pledge of service. (Online Service Pledge Form)

>> Organize a pledge drive in your school, place of work, community, fraternal organization, or faith community! Learn more...

What Happens With Online Pledges

The Maine Commission for Community Service has registered Maine's "I Will" tribute as a single project with the national movement.

Pledges of service by Mainers that are registered by September 11 will be bundled and reported to the national organizers by the end of the week.