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What's right about America is that although
have a mess of problems, we have
great capacity to do some thing about them.                                                 -- Henry Ford

Imagine ...

What would rural towns be like if young adults (18-28) from across the state or even other places devoted a year to serving a Maine community? What problem could be solved? Would these ServiceYear volunteers want to stay on as residents? 

ServiceYear is the national non-governmental movement that complements the intense commitment of AmeriCorps. It offers a low-barrier option to nonprofit agencies that are not ready or could not qualify for AmeriCorps support. It also frees communities from federal constraints and increases opportunities to be responsive to local conditions.

And, importantly, Service Year gives rural communities a way to act on AmeriCorps research that shows young adults who move to Maine for service tend to stay as residents when their obligation is complete.

Talk to us about helping to launch this program in Maine!

Imagine ...

 Community organizations so efficient and effective their accomplishments are twice what you'd expect given the size of their budgets. They undertook a serious transformation called Service Enterprise that helped them rethink their internal capacity and leverage skilled volunteers to expand that capacity and achieve mission. 

The Maine Commission for Community Service is the sponsor of Service Enterprise in Maine. Through its cadre of certified trainers, the Commission provides the assessment, training, and coaching for organizations working to become Service Enterprises. Use this link to hear what Maine organizations think of Service Enterprise.

Talk to us about opportunities to make this program accessible across Maine!

Imagine ...

You are the volunteer manager who has lots of training on the technical side of the service but human resource management? No one mentioned needing that in your apprenticeship or college advising sessions.

You took the novice online course, Certificate in Management of Volunteers*. You attend the regional meeting of volunteer managers and went to useful sessions at the Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism*. 

Now your questions are more specific. Wouldn't it be nice to take an advanced course in volunteer management online? The Maine Commission for Community Service has the curriculum and the plan. It just needs a partner to support the design and deployment of the advanced course.

Talk to us about the opportunity to make professional development accessible for managers of volunteers!
*Both the online course and the conference are conducted by the Maine Commission for Community Service.

Let's make this happen!

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