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Past Winners - Individual Categories

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Note: If nominations submitted in a particular category do not meet award criteria, no presentation is made for that year.



2018 Governor's Service Award Recipients











»  Outstanding Non-profit Volunteer Program Award, Freeport Community Services (Freeport)
»  Outstanding National Service Volunteer, Alex Schin (Ellsworth)
»  Volunteer of the Year, Howard Bliss (Brunswick)
»  Youth Volunteer of the Year, Ruthie Gusler (Phillips)



2017 GSA Winners










»  Outstanding Non-profit Volunteer Program Award, Grace Interfaith Food Table (Preque Isle)
»  Outstanding National Service Volunteer, Megan McCue (York)
»  Volunteer of the Year, Julie Abbott (Gorham) 
»  Youth Volunteer of the Year, Olivia Spelman (Falmouth)


2016 award recipients with Mrs. LePage     







»  Outstanding Non-profit Volunteer Program Award, Partners for World Health
»  Outstanding National Service Volunteer, Natalie Landry (Portland)
»  Volunteer of the Year, Barbara Belanger (Rumford) 
»  Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, CarltonBeckett (Mechanic Falls) 
»  Youth Volunteer of the Year, Jada Lin (Pittston)


group shot of 2015 winners with First Lady Ann LePage 












»  Outstanding Non-profit Volunteer Program Award, New Vineyard Public Library  
»  Outstanding National Service Volunteer, Silviano Senecca (Windham)  
»  Volunteer of the Year, Gail Hart (Harpswell)  
»  Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Kenneth Dow (Corrina)  
»  Youth Volunteer of the Year, Brianna Cynthia Jack (Baileyville)


group shot of 2014 winners 










» Small Business Volunteerism Award, Gardiner Federal Credit Union
»  Outstanding Non-profit Volunteer Program Award, Keystone Club, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Gardiner
»  Outstanding National Service Volunteer, Becca Stabler
»  Volunteer of the Year, Clarence Smith
»  Youth Volunteer of the Year, Tyler Cross
»  Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Lisa Morin


2013 award recipients in Hall of Flags











» Coporate Volunteerism Award, Kennebunk Savings
» Small Business Volunteerism Award, Carefree Property Services
» Outstanding Non-profit Volunteer Program Award, Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Deboray Palman
» Outstanding National Service Volunteer, Katherine Stitham
» Volunteer of the Year, John Eckert
» Youth Volunteer of the Year,Meghan Charest
»  Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Lisa Park Laflin



» Corporate Volunteer Award, Pratt & Whitney
» Outstanding National Service Volunteer, Elisabeth Lohmueller
» Outstanding Non-profit Volunteer Program Award, Trekkers
» Outstanding Service-learning Practitioner, Donna Vigue
» School District Excellence in Service-learning, Sanford School District
» Volunteer of the Year, Janice Bilodeau
» Youth Volunteer of the Year, Julia Brown
» Volunteer Hero, Laurianne Cormier


» Corporate Volunteer Award, TD Bank
» Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Beverly Larochelle
» National Service Volunteer, Heather Correia
» Outstanding Non-profit Award, Operation Tribute
» Outstanding Service-learning Practitioner, Holly MacEwan
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Emmy Brown
» School District Excellence in Service-learning, Mount Desert Island Regional School System
» Volunteer of the Year, Russell Osgood
» Youth Volunteer of the Year, Nickolas Bray


» Corporate Volunteerism Award, UNUM
» Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Sue Bowie
» National Service Volunteer, Emily Fitch
» Outstanding Non-Profit Award, Lebanon Rescue Department
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Frank Wallace
» Volunteer of the Year, EileenDanforth
» Youth Volunteer of the Year, Bijou Umuhoza


» Corporate Volunteerism Award, Hannaford
» Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Steven Hurd
» National Service Volunteer, Jenni Ricci
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Jackie Ayotte
» Small Business Volunteerism Award, Bayside Supermarket
» Volunteer of the Year,-Heidi Bowden
» Youth Volunteer of the Year, James Kinght


» Corporate Volunteerism Award, LL Bean
» Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Cynthia Smith
» National Service Volunteer, Irene Diffin
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Tina McLaughlin
» Small Business Volunteerism Award, Trans-Tech
» Volunteer of the Year, Anne Pringle


» Corporate Volunteerism Award, Jackson Laboratory
» Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Linda Danielson
» National Service Volunteer, Alice White
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Deborah Davenport
» Volunteer of the Year, Jane Card


» Corporate Volunteerism, Hannaford Gardiner Store
» National Service Volunteer, Alfred Brooks
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Thomas Elliot Jr
» Small Business Volunteerism, Newland Nursery and Florist
» Non-Profit Certificate for Outstanding Contributions (2):
   Youthlinks of Rockland
   United Mid-Coast Charities
» Volunteer of the Year, Edward Girvin
» Youth Volunteer of the Year, Peter Christensen


» Corporate Volunteerism, Lewiston Sun Journal
» Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Terry Fullam Hodskins
» National Service Volunteer, Lela Mitchell
» Non-Profit Certificate for Outstanding Contributions, Peacox Productions
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Dr. Diane Schetky 
» Small Business Volunteerism, Uli and Sons
» Volunteer of the Year, Walter Leffler 
» Youth Volunteer of the Year, Kevin Foster


» Corporate Volunteerism, WCHS6/WLBZ2
» Excellence in Volunteer Administration, Jody Paradee
» National Service Volunteer, Amaryllis Crowell
» Non-Profit Certificate for Outstanding Contributions (3):
   Maine Chapter of the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society,
   Freeport Community Services
   The Maine Lawyers Project
» Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer, Mark Honey
» Small Business Volunteerism, Bob's Clam Hut (Kittery)
» Volunteer of the Year, Preston T. Powell
» Youth Volunteer of the Year, Fred Chase