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GSA Categories: Individuals or Teams

clip board and volunteer tee-shirtThese 8 awards may be presented in October. They are opportunities to recognize individuals whose volunteer efforts are remarkable.

Nominations close June 30, 2020. See "GSA Nomination Instructions" for submission directions.


Maine Volunteer of the Year

Recognizes an individual who has committed significant time and effort to improving the life of individuals or the community through volunteer service. This person steps up and pitches in whenever help is needed.


Young Maine Volunteer of the Year

 Recognizes a person under the age of 20 who, through volunteer service, has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the life of individuals or the community and, by example, shows the meaning of "active citizenship."


Employee Volunteer of the Year 

This award recognizes an an individual nominated by their employer,who has volunteered through the company's volunteer program and whose volunteer efforts have made a significant impact in the community.


Outstanding Public Sector Volunteer

Recognizes an individual volunteering under the auspices of a public agency (state, county, regional, municipal, or federal*). The recipient will demonstrate effectiveness, commitment and significant contributions to meeting a local or statewide need.
Federal agency must be one other than the Corporation for National and Community Service.


Outstanding National Service Volunteer 

 Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and service over and above the requirements of their routine service assignments as a Maine Senior Corps or AmeriCorps participant.


Outstanding Volunteer Team

This award recognizes a team (family, employee, friends) of volunteers who have committed significant time and effort to improving the life of individuals or the community through volunteer service.


Excellence in Volunteer Leadership

 Recognizes an outstanding individual whose volunteer program leadership embodies the essential competencies of an effective volunteer leader: advocacy for including volunteers in the work; sound planning for engaging volunteers; effective volunteer recruitment, onboarding, training, assessment, and support; strong documentation and reporting of volunteer accomplishments; evaluation of the impact volunteer services have; and regular acknowledgement and celebration of volunteer contributions. The person may be in a paid or pro bono role.


Excellence in Youth Service Development

Recognizes an individual who is exceptionally adept at supporting youth-driven service that fosters in Maine students the skills and abilities essential to being an civically engaged citizen. Youth-driven or youth-led service means school-aged youth identify the community need they will tackle, devise a plan for addressing the need, and implement the plan with mentoring or coaching from adults.