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GSA Selection Criteria

pencil checking off boxesEach year the award recipients are selected from nominations by a panel of volunteer reviewers. The panel includes past award recipients, Commission members, and community representatives. Their decisions are based on reviews of each application and assessment of the following criteria:

IMPACT (50%) - How significant is the impact of the nominee's service on beneficiaries? Consideration is given to impact on organizations, a community, individuals, and nominee serving.  Reviewers look at whether the service  is exemplary or unique.

INSPIRATION (15%) - Does this nominee stand out from others doing the same or similar thing, serve as a strong role model for others, and engage others in service?

RELEVANCE (35%) - Ensure information and references provided for nominee are relevant to award category as well as an issue or need in the community.  Describe how nominee's service has added value to an organization and/or their community.