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2016 Presentation Materials

conference slogan - rural maine strong
On this page are the presentation slides and handouts submitted by speakers for distribution to conference participants. If a session is not listed, the presenter did not provide materials for distribution. This could happen in cases where materials are copywritten or proprietary and can only be used once for teaching purposes in the sessions.

Session Block 1 - regular length workshops

♦ Building A Budget From The Ground Up: Basics That Matter (Michael Ashmore) 
No materials provided for distribution

♦ Internal Advocacy: Conveying Our Value To Those We Work With (Katherine Campbell)  
Session slides with notes 

♦ Your Next Project - Planned, Resourced And Ready (Mark Hews)
Rapid Readiness Assessment
Total Crowd Solutions MVP Description 

♦  Getting Skilled Volunteers to Work for You (Carol Walker Aten, Jason Ketterick, Michelle Surdoval)  
No materials provided for distribution

♦ The Community As A Classroom (Jane Eberle, Molly Aldrich)  
No materials provided for distribution

♦ Due Diligence: Managing Volunteer Program Risk (Bryan Noller) 
VV_Volunteer Screening Trends and Best Practices Report 2016

♦  Art of Appreciation or Culture of Recognition (Shawna Chigro-Rogers) 
No materials provided for distribution

♦ Volunteering in Your Town (Pam Zeutenhorst and municipal staff)  
No materials provided for distribution

Session Block 2: Seminars 
(These sessions were longer and ran through the entire afternoon.)  

♦ Asset Skills and Strategies (Luther Snow)  
Materials for Seminar Session

♦ I Didn't Sign Up For This! (Anne Schink)  
Presentation slides

♦ Everything You Wanted to Know About Volunteer Management (Jennifer Lobley)  
No materials provided for distribution

♦  Becoming The Public Speaker You Want To Hear (Betty Balderston) 
Presentation: Becoming the Public Speaker You Want to Hear
2016 Blaine House Conference Handouts

Session Block 2A  - Regular workshops 

♦  Agents of IMPACT (Elizabeth Barron) 
No materials provided for distribution 

♦  Common Sense Program Evaluation (Dr. Susan Walters, Pam Zeutenhorst)
Evaluation - Mythbusting
Survey Design
Survey example 

♦  Change the Way Government Works with Community Heart & Soul (Delilah Pourpore, Jane Lafleur)  
No materials provided for distribution 

♦  How to Manage Your Event Volunteers Like A Pro! (Jessica Green, Marion Doyle)  
Event Email Templates Handout
Where to Find Volunteers Handout
 WinterKids Volunteer Application Handout

♦ Youth Aren't A Problem - They're A Solution! (Kelli McCannell, Christine Bright) 
No materials provided for distribution 

Session Block 3 - Regular workshops

♦ Sticky Situations: Applying Ethics to Your Leadership of Volunteers (Katherine Campbell) 
 Sticky Situations slides with notes - Maine  Conf 2016

♦  Earth Day Clean up- A Case Study (J Bean Palmer)
Creating an Earth Day Event

♦  Cabot Farmers Honor Volunteers (Danielle Poirier, Nate Formalarie)
No hard copy materials provided for distribution. Reward Volunteers,